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Basking, Queensland University, 1971

Quarrion (David) has added a photo to the pool:

Basking, Queensland University, 1971

Barry Humphries was one of our heroes. He spoke for young middle class Australians of the day like us. We were well provided for, our parents had fought for us in the war, were hard working, generous and wanted us to succeed. Yet somehow our culture was barren, repressed, lacking in refinement, joy and spontaneity. We had to conform, be respectable.

Barry, a few years older than us, railed against this, gave voice to how we felt. How we loved his creations! We sang his songs, recited his monologues, marvelled at his amazing dada performances. We all had a mum or an auntie or a neighbour exactly like Edna Everage (as she was before she became a megastar). We all had grandparents or elderly friends just like Sandy and Beryl Stone. We knew superficial, drunken people our own age like the characters in the Old Pacific Sea and Snow Complications (or maybe we were a bit like them, too).

How great it was to have him in our own place, to be able to talk with him in person!

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