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Mark in Cross Country Race- 1981

marktrash has added a photo to the pool:

Mark in Cross Country Race- 1981

This is me at the end of a cross country race at Forest Park in Brazil, Indiana. How good was I??? Well let me give you a hint-- the reason there are no other runners in the picture is NOT because they are too far behind me to be seen.

By the way, check out the shorts. Anybody else remember Sub 4 shorts? They were part of the uniform issued by the school. If a kid tried to wear them in public today, they would get sent to jail (or at least to extensive counselling).

Also check out the Nikes (with the fluorescent shoelaces). These were the first set of Nike Pegasus shoes I owned. I went through about 20 pairs of them in the 20 years following this picture. Last time I bought running shoes, they told me Nike no longer makes any version of the Pegasus.

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