The Avis girl incident, Queensland University, 1971

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The Avis girl incident, Queensland University, 1971

Queensland University, Brisbane, 1971. The student union invites comedian Barry Humphries to present a show to the students.

During the show, an Avis girl arrives to deliver his car. Some clever person sends her on stage to deliver the keys and for Barry to sign the paperwork.

Barry thinks she is a student dressed up for a prank, and teases her mercilessly. Anyone who has seen Dame Edna in action will know just how merciless this can be. Eventually the girl gets upset. She walks off and takes her keys, paperwork and car back to base.

Barry spends the rest of the day telephoning the florist and trying to track the girl down to apologise.

Innocent days. TV cameras were enormous and Dame Edna was just a housewife from Moonee ponds.

At least I can say that I've seen him!

35 mm negative scan by Oscans bulk film scanning.

my first dance recital

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my first dance recital

I was only about 30 months old, but this picture unknowingly marked the beginning of 13 years of ballet, 4 years on pointe.

Why the pink teddy? Well, the very young dancers were taught their dance routines combined with a song in the same rhythm as the dance. We'd sing (aka, gleefully bellow from the diaphragm), therefore, to the beat of the dance we'd memorized. Sneaky--taught us to dance to meter and count, while we just thought we were enjoying another high-volume rendition of "Alphabet Crackers in My Soup".

So, why the pink teddy? My very first ballet number was "Me and My Teddy Bear".

My bear fell over during a crucial moment in my performance. I didn't miss a beat--just bent over, snatched his wayward pink fuzzy ass, and slammed it firmly into position. I never missed a beat of the song or where I was in the dance, and was completely unselfconscious about my place on stage.

One more note about the actual photo?: Notice my toddler attempt at spirit fingers/jazz hands. :D